Criminal Law

Criminal Law in Thailand

The Criminal Law or Thailand Penal Code is the body of laws concerning crimes and offenses against ‘the public’ (including the Kingdom of Thailand, the King and members of the royal family) and or against another person, and commanding a penalty for the one who violates it.

In Thailand, prosecution for criminal law is the responsibility of government organizations such as: the Royal Thai Police, the Office of the Attorney General, the Courts of Justice, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior.

Usually the aggrieved parties go to the Police to make a report of an incident. The Police proceeds to investigate the alleged crime and reports its findings to the Office of the Prosecutor. The Office of the Prosecutor files the case in Court.

Only judges decide criminal cases in Thailand. The jury system does not apply in the Kingdom of Thailand. As in most jurisdictions, the court must find there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt the accused has committed the crime of which he/she has been accused of, before making a conviction.

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