Business Visa

Non Immigration B

Is the official term for the category Business Visa. Foreigners that want to come to Thailand for work or opening a business will need a Thai business visa. There are 2 categories in which foreigners can enter under this type of visa.

  • 90 Days Non-Immigrant Visa (Single-Entry)
  • 1 Year Non-Immigrant Visa (Multiple-Entry)

The 90 days single entry visa is an initial visa issued by the Thai embassy or consulate in your home country or country of residence and allows a stay of 90 consecutive days in Thailand.

The 1 year multiple entry visa is issued to those who want to conduct business and intend to frequently travel in and out of Thailand. The initial non-immigrant visa can be extended to this visa once the work permit is processed. The procedure is as follows:

  • Apply for an initial 90 Day Non Immigrant B visa from a Thai embassy or consulate under the employment category.
  • Travel to Thailand and apply for a work permit at the Ministry of Labor. The work permit application takes place during the initial 90 days given through the initial visa.
  • Once a valid work permit is obtained, the applicant then applies for the 1-Year Non-Immigrant B visa inside Thailand.
  • 90-day reporting to any Thai Immigration Office is required to the visa holder under this category.
  • A re-entry permit is required if the applicant wishes to travel outside of the country.
  • Renewal of this visa can be done inside Thailand.

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